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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Who Is It?

You were born in a small town in what was then the Austrian Empire, now part of Croatia. You are a brilliant inventor, physicist, mechanical and electrical engineer. You are well aware of your own genius, and you are driven to do whatever it takes to realize your dreams. You will redefine the term "mad scientist"; your home country will honor you and an exciting high-end consumer product will be named after you 150 years after your birth.   WHO ARE YOU?


You are Nikola Tesla, founder of the Tesla Electric Company. You will go on to patent a brushless alternating current induction motor based on a rotating magnetic field principle. The invention will attract the attention of the Westinghouse company, and your investors will sell it to them for $60,000 in cash and stock and generous royalties. Westinghouse will also hire you as an independent consultant at their Pittsburgh laboratories.

 The year 1891 will be a banner year for you. You will demonstrate wireless energy transmission, which will become known as "the Tesla Effect"; you will patent the Tesla Coil; and you will become a naturalized citizen of the United States shortly after your 35th birthday.

You will go on to do groundbreaking work on atmospheric electricity, telegraphy and new types of engines including a steam-powered device dubbed "Tesla’s oscillator." Some of your wilder theories, coupled with your personal behaviors, will lead to your being categorized as a "mad scientist"—but in 1931 you will appear on the cover of Time Magazine.

 In 2003, sixty years after your death, a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs will set out to prove that "electric vehicles can be awesome." They will name their company Tesla Motors in your honor.
And for 2014  The Tesla Model S........


Anvilcloud said...

Oddly enough my off the bat guess was Tesla, even though I know little about him. Thanks to you, I now know more. You sure wrote this in a very interesting way, especially with that intriguing introduction.

Veronica Wald said...

I wouldn't mind having one of those :-)
Oh, to be retired and have time to devour interesting books like you do, TB! Thanks for your reviews and recommendations.

Zhoen said...

Are you aware of The Oatmeal, an online comic, the writer of which is a huge Tesla fan? Matthew Inman even raised money to create a Tesla museum. The humor can be pretty vulgar, but there is a potent intelligence and a lot of heart at the core.

Montanagirl said...

Interesting post - and a nice looking car!

Sally Wessely said...

And where did Tesla do a lot of his experiments? Right here in my hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado. In the area where we live, we have a special lightening rod in our electrical system because we live in an area that has the highest percentage of lightening activity in the United States.

Interesting post. The car is nice! I wonder what Tesla would have thought of it.

NCmountainwoman said...

Can't buy a Tesla here in NC. Our wonderful legislators passed yet another totally unnecessary law that prohibits direct automobile sales to customers. (hard to believe that Tesla is real competition for local Ford dealers, isn't it?)

Unknown said...

Interesting. I have not heard of him before. Thank you for sharing.