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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Who Is it?

Take a guess on these rare photos. Then check the comment sections for the answers and tell how you did. Each one gets a little harder..... :)
 Picture No. 1




troutbirder said...

l. John F. Kennedy at NASA's Cape Canaveral Missile Test Annex in 1962.
2. Douglas MacArthur signing the official Japanese surrender instrument aboard the USS Missouri, 1945.
3. Hitler inspecting the massive 800mm “Schwerer Gustav” railway gun from afar. It was the largest-caliber rifled weapon ever used in combat, and fired the heaviest shells of any artillery piece.
4. George Armstrong Custer (with his dog) and some of his fellow soldiers, during the American Civil War.
5. Manfred von Richthofen, aka “The Red Baron”, petting his dog on an airfield.
6. Tsar Nicholas II goofing around with his friend in 1899.
Ten points each.
Zero – detention
Ten – Retake
Twenty - Gentlemanly C
Thirty - Good job!!!!
Forty – Superior Performance
Fifty - Awesome. I’m impressed
Sixty - Are you sure you didn’t peek at the answers?

Anvilcloud said...

Well I sort got the first, but I am too Canadian for the rest.

Primitive Stars said...

Ditto, did as well as the guy above me, but very interesting....Also a Canadian, Francine.

Montanagirl said...

I didn't do well either. I recognized some of the people, Kennedy, MacArthur and Custer...

Sally Wessely said...

I got three of them correct. I guess I'm more well versed in my history than I thought. I loved the photos. Fun post!

Loree Huebner said...

I got some, but Eric was in the Superior range. Fun post!

Ms Sparrow said...

Those were toughies! A true test for a history buff.

Cathy said...

Dang it. I only got three . . . but had all but one of 'em in the right nation :)

Now I'm going to run this past my smarty-pants hubby.

Thanks! This was fun.

Cathy said...

OMG. He got Von Richthofen !

Beat me by an ace.

NCmountainwoman said...

I got 1, 2, and 4 and guessed Hitler in 3 although not the circumstance. Interesting. I had no idea Tsar Nicholas ever goofed off!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I got 30. But, 2 were wild guesses! :) Love that last picture...