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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Secret Soldier

Back in the 70's and 89's I used to read a fair number of current novels. So called "thrillers" were often included in my reading list. Then, those interests faded as history and biography writing vastly improved in this country Historical fiction also became better grounded thus becoming a new interest. More recently a new "friend" shifted my focus once again. His name is John Wells.
John is one of those conflicted males who lives at several depths. He lost his beloved wife to a random terrorist attack. After that he seemed married more than ever to his job. . Office politics forced him to leave his work though yet he and kept going back to it. He is Muslim devoted to America and peace. He definitely prefers privacy and yet several books have been written about his activities.
In many of his books and The Secret Soldier by Alex Berenson is the latest, John Wells is presented as a real life character. Berenson wants his readers to understand that the hero does not always win and is not a super hero. Wells is written, according to Berenson, as "a compelling character not as the traditional action hero. He is more introspective, a searcher."
The Secret Soldier is a compelling, insightful, action packed book. Berenson was able to look at the rulers of the Arab World and explore how the regimes could lose their power. His main character is well developed and an intriguing personality. Anyone who wants a good political thriller with a very realistic scenario should definitely read this book.
There are literally thousands of novels on terrorism and you might think you’ve read one you’ve read them all. Bad guys, Allahu Akbar, bombs, and kick-butt spies and Delta Force teams to save the day. But Berenson works hard to make his novels stand out from the crowd. He also knows his history. With his journalist background, Berenson treats the reader to a fully fleshed out, but not boring or overdone, treatment of Saudi Arabian history and politics. It makes his novel seem authentic no matter how far fetched actual plot might be. They always seem current and close to today headlines. Yes, it's violent. So is life in The Age Of Terrorism....


Arkansas Patti said...

I had been looking at that one and wasn't sure. You have pushed me over the edge and I will probably get it now. Thanks.

Rae said...

I love a good fiction thriller novel. I'm not much for the terrorism or spy genre though. Give me a legal thriller and I will devour its pages.
Although not a spy or legal thriller, I just finished reading War Horse. It's actually a youth type read, but adults can enjoy it too. Just wanted to see what the War Horse movie hype was all about. If the movie is like the book it will be good. Sad, but good.

Montanagirl said...

I have not read this book. You sure find the most interesting sounding books to read!