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Monday, July 29, 2013

Who, What, Where and When in American History

Some neat photos here. See if you can guess.   I'll put the answers at the bottom of the post.








1.   Helen Keller Meeting Charlie Chaplin

2.   Leather gloves worn by Lincoln to Ford's Theater on the night of his assassination.  Blood stains are visible at the cuffs.

3.  A Very Young Lucille Ball around 1930.

4.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy

5.  Filming the MGM Logo

6.  Three days before his 19th birthday, George H.W. Bush became the youngest aviator in the US Navy.

7.  Market Street, San Francisco after the earthquake, 1906.

8.  Marilyn Monroe meets Queen Elizabeth II, London, 1956 Both women are 30 years old.

9.  Geraldine Doyle, who was the inspiration behind the famous Rosie the Riveter poster.

 How did you do?



David Oliver said...

Not great. I recognized Charlie Chaplin and George H.W. Bush. Also the MGM lion and Queen Elizabeth. That's about it.

Fun blog. Thanks!

amanda said...

I was in the right ballpark with a good part of them - but not spot on. Fascinated with all of them, though!!

Jo's World said...

I got three, five and eight and further in supreme dumbitude, I thought #6 was a young Johnny Carson!

Fun to play, though!



Montanagirl said...

I didn't get any of them. After looking at the answers, I could see....

NCmountainwoman said...

Not so well. But when I looked at the answers, every one was familiar to me. Isn't that how it goes?

Ms Sparrow said...

Hmmm, I recognized the lion and Marilyn Monroe. I remember seeing the George Bush photo before but I couldn't remember who it was.

Linda said...

Great post! I got a few of them because I actually saw the photos recently on Pinterest. :)

Anvilcloud said...

Lucille Ball sure looked different.

Should Fish More said...

Didn't get the gloves picture, nor JFK, Helen K. or Lucy. Chaplin was the easiest.

Vicki said...

Got only 2 1/2 (although I didn't recognize Helen Keller, I knew that was Charlie Chaplain). Wow, Lucille Ball - who would have thunk it? And #7 - Market Steet S.F - I thought that was Hiroshima!

Far Side of Fifty said...

What fun! I got two right..very interesting:)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Got about 2 out of this fun trivia, thanks.