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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Birds & Barb

A Bald Eagle flew over our house this morning and then a rare pileated woodpecker showed up at our suet feeder. A good sign I thought. Then sure enough a call from Cottagewood memory care saying Barb was having another good day. Since her new medicine was put in place that makes almost 3 weeks in a row without drastic or aggressive agitation. Sharon G. sent Barb a card saying that she had moved into an apartment just like Barb had. Perfect! Barb said she hoped Sharon would have as nice an apartment as she did. Smile According to the staff Barb is working miracles. She helps big time in the kitchen and holds hands with other ladies who are seriously confused and consoles and reassures them that things will be all right and she will be their friend. That the Barb I know and love...

Ray (Troutbirder)



Anvilcloud said...

Positivity in spades.

Joanne Noragon said...

This is wonderful. Wonderful.