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Monday, May 3, 2010

Up North

There was a time when the phrase "up north" meant going to a mom and pop resort for a week or two of a fishing vacation in Northern Minnesota. That tradition has faded quite a bit over the years. Today, fancy resorts with tennis courts, golf courses, computer game rooms and "conference centers" dominate. Ah for the good old days.
Here I am checking out the beach with my Aunt Pearl and my mom (on the right) sometime during WWII.

A few years later, can you believe the striped pants my mom made me wear. The cabins were always "rustic." But what fun. I was an only child in those days as my little brothers didn't show up till I was almost ten.

This sudden dash of nostaligia may have been inspired by getting my Alumacraft fishing boat ready for the season yesterday. The images of long past fishing lakes "up north" kept flashing through my mind. They are far away in time and distance but not in memory. Farm Island, Ball Club, Potato, Sawbill, Mantrap, Battle Ax, Lida, Hoot Owl, and on and on. Those were the days my friends.....

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Wildflower Gal said...

I grew up on a farm in south central MN and I never heard of anyone going to a cabin up north like for a week or week-end. My girl friends that lived in town never said of them going either. We did have three lakes within five miles of us that we would talk my uncle into driving us over to swim after we got done walking soy beans for the day or after baling hay. There might have been some rustic old cabins around those lakes but didn't pay to much attention to them. Never saw any docks near them with boats nearby either.
We might have been secluded too.