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Sunday, May 30, 2010

They Fought For Each Other

Your right . It is hard to read. I paused and took deep breaths many times at every twist and painful turn. And yet if a book can be a "must read" about this ongoing war....this is it. Half of the heroes of Charlie Company 1/26th infantry Charley Company were killed in Iraq. Many came home after 15th month broken in body and spirit. PTSD was only one of many problems.

A reporter for the Army Times, author Kelly Kennedy developed the book from Blood Brothers, a series of articles she had written. A former soldier herself , she tells the story of a Charley company's fight against insurgents and terrorists in a Bagdad neighborhood. Somehow it reminded me of a yearlong version of the day long fight for survival in Blackhawk Down. The following link to the final chapter of the Blood Brother series by the author in Army Times will introduce you to some of the men whose stories are told in the book.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention this unit was the only one to mutiny (refuse orders) during the war. Of course, you didn't know that nor did I before reading their story. Soldiers were rotated as units rather than individuals in this war as opposed to Korea and Vietnam. The consequences of this cuts to the heart of this story. You won't be disappointed in finding out why they did what they had to do.


Maria said...

Happy Memorial Weekend!
A great post!
My neighbor's son is in Afghanistan right now... I pray for him each day as I say the pledge with my students.

I am so grateful for all that our brave troops do for us, each and every day!

God Bless America!
~ Maria

Grayquill said...

This sounds like a hard read. Thanks for calling us to remember those who have fallen and those who have and are presently sacrificing in our armed forces.

EcoRover said...

I have a fishing buddy here with a son who served in Iraq. And then Afghanistan. His dad was thrilled when he decided not to re-up, with plans for going back to college. But then he was lured into "a job offer too good to refuse" with a contractor. The one formerly known as Blackwater. Friends & family are stunned.

Should Fish More said...

Something happens when you've been in combat for a long period. It changes you, sometimes for good, sometimes not. For some, life lacks the edge afterwards. I don't know if this is what is going on with my son's apparent choice after getting out. He's still in Afghanistan, due to rotate out next month. He's a different person in some respects than when he enlisted, two combat tours ago. Smiles far less, watchful and quiet. Perhaps carrying books instead of a automatic weapon is too much of a change. For now, I just want him to get back safely. ER was right, we're stunned, but I'm not surprised.