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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Not a book Review of Sulfur Springs

William Kent Krueger is one of my favorite authors who writes stuff often based in Minnesota. It always helps when a reader has been there and seen that. Krueger writes basically detective stories. There is set often in Minnesota's forested Lake country or the nearby towns of the Iron Range. Cork O'Connor his detective and former Sheriff has a new wife named Rainy who is a Native American while Cork is partly Indian and mostly Irish. Her son calls from Arizona and tells his mom he has murdered someone, mentions one name and the phone goes dead. Cork now retired from the detective business and Rainy and Cork rush off to that desert State to help. There they encounter in environment far different from the lakes and woods of northern Minnesota. In this alien environment they find out that her missing son is part of a group that rescues refugees fleeing from Guatemala and other places which drive them away from wars, extreme poverty to seek refuge in America. Her missing son turns out to be involved with a small group who helps those refugees find safety in America. There they are often abandoned in the desert by scammers who take their money and abandon them. This is the famous border where a wall of Barb wire, border patrol, and vigilantes along with drug traffickers all have their own reasons for building higher wall or in the case of the vigilantes and the drug traffickers killing people. In plain English these people are crossing through a war zone. On a lighter note, Cork O'Connor, the hero of many of Krueger's books has as a favorite beer. I hate to say it's brewed in Wisconsin but it's mine as well. It's brewed in Chippewa Falls. So years and years ago I bought a Lienies hat at the brewery and wore it for more than a decade till it recently fell all a part. I  won't try to trump or change anything about this not a review but plainly references to refugees and walls might seem out of today's headlines. But what I'm concerned about today is getting a new hat and I've located several and I could drive over to Wisconsin and get a new or perhaps the following might serve just as well and so here is perhaps even better alternative. Whatcha  think?  

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