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Monday, October 1, 2012

The One Percent Doctrine

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and bestselling author Ron Suskinds One Percent Doctrine is the inside story of the early genesis and development of George Bushes “war on terror.”  It is nonfiction and contains many exclusive, historically significant disclosures telling what went on behind the scenes.
The  guiding principle is known as The One Percent Doctrine. This is the secretive watchword and strategy, designed by Dick Cheney, which divides America from its founding democratic principles of law and justice It was this “principle” which led our country down the avenue of   decision making being separated from real facts and analysis. Instead “gut” instincts on the part of the President, the paniced and faulty reasoning of the Vice President and his neo-con allies, led to an unmitigated disaster at home and abroad. It was politicized incompetence at its worst.

Were Americas intelligence agencies unprepared before and after the World Trade Towers fell? Yes. But they learned and got better.   Unfortunately, the vital facts they learned and the prescient analysis they came up with was basically ignored by the Bushies. And the prime mover and conniver there was Dick Cheney, who formulated an overriding "one percent" doctrine: threats with even a 1% likelihood must be treated as certainties. Cherry picking and only the few facts that coincided with their previously ill informed conclusions was the result.  I think a reading of this book published in 2005 is essential reading for anyone interested in how the operating mechanisms of our government were changed.  Summing up - one word comes to mind…… appalling.


Sally Wessely said...

This sounds like an important book to read. I will take your word for it. I'm sure, and sadly so, that what you said is true.

Montanagirl said...

Again, I have not read this book. You sure know how to sum it up with your descriptiveness though!

Ms Sparrow said...

It is frightening how the lack of reliable leadership can take our country down the wrong path. How much of our current economic woes can be attributed to the billions wasted on foreign wars?

Anvilcloud said...

It sounds informative and a bit depressing as well as frightening.

EcoRover said...

Wow. Hard to believe how pervasive Cheney's influence was. Ultimately it stemmed from Bush's poor judgement or weak leadership? Our recent college president was a bit like that--basically a good guy, but incredibly prone to the influence of Rasputin-like figures.

Rosaria Williams said...

I shall look for it! I heard similar rumblings, but I had not heard this "doctrine".