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Sunday, June 20, 2010


After the 9/11 attacks, George W Bush said: "This crusade… this war on terror is going to take a while." This misapplied comment was all Osama bin Laden needed to win over many new supporters. His often used phrase "Jewish/Crusader attackers of Islam " had a certain ring to it in the Muslim world. Thanks George.
Thomas Asbridge, the author of the newly released The Crusades makes a similar point. Is it appropriate to use words about wars in the early middle ages in reference to current issues in the Middle East? Is their a real connection between the two eras? I wondered about that, and having minimal knowledge about the crusades, I decided to find out.
Asbridge concludes that the crusades are a potent, alarming and dangerous example of the "potential for history to be appropriated, misrepresented and manipulated" for political ends." Adding religious fanaticism to the potent force of unbridled nationalism, in any conflict in the modern world, is merely ugly at best. That world could well do without jihadism/crusader mentality.

Initially the emotive words the author uses, as he details the origin and details of this long ago conflict, seemed inappropriate to a well written, researched and documented history. I changed my mind about that as I struggled through each horrifying chapter. Yes horrifying. I use that world carefully. If you have the it. It's well worth your time. If not, take my plea to heart. "Oh God. Save us from the religious fanatics, of all stripes."


Lo said...

"Amen" to that, my dear TB.

What a paradox that religion, which is supposed to teach people to be good (or at least better) turns them into insane killing machines instead.

EcoRover said...

I do buy the connection theory: both in the West and Islam, the fibers of the Crusades were woven very, very deeply. Like other aspects of the Feudal Era (e.g. the role of the noble horse), we often act unconciously according to old tropes programmed into our culture. (Whew, lots of mixed metaphors there!)

Grayquill said...

I don't know about the cause and effect of the crusades causing something today. But I do believe people have not changed. They will still kill for power. Greed still takes the place of ambition and there is plenty of evil to go around today where evil is made out to be good and good is changed into evil.
Good post!

Catherine said...

I love it when people read to educate themselves on situations, beliefs and ideas ~ good for you! Religion and politics ~ always a hot topic! :)

Have a Happy Day!